What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, phone or tablet. These text files contain certain information that tells us more about your use of our website and your preferences and interests.

Why do we use cookies?

There are different types of cookies, each used for a specific purpose or functionality. Our website may use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To make the website function ('functional cookies').

  • To map the general use of the website ('analytical cookies').

  • To display embedded third-party content ("Embedded Third-Party Content").

Below you can find more information about which cookies we place and what they are for for each purpose:

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. Therefore you cannot refuse them. Below you will find an overview of our functional cookies:


Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to map the use of our website. This is done on the basis of anonymous data. We do this by measuring how many people visit the website and which pages, items or articles are viewed the most. We cannot trace these statistics and other reports to individual persons. You cannot refuse or disable analytical cookies. Below you will find an overview of the analytical cookies placed by this website:

Name: ppms_privacy_2e67e29c-7bbf-4153-a92c-bc75fe25e9a1

Party: Piwik PRO

Validity: 1 year

Purpose: Used to distinguish visitors in the statistics.

Name: _pkid.2e67e29c-7bbf-4153-a92c-bc75fe25e9a1.0b98

Party: Piwik PRO

Validity: 1 hour

Purpose: Used to distinguish visitors in the statistics.

Name: _pkses.2e67e29c-7bbf-4153-a92c-bc75fe25e9a1.0b98

Party: Piwik PRO

Validity: 1 hour

Purpose: Used to distinguish visitors in the statistics.

Embedded content from third parties

We may use embedded third-party content such as videos, images or widgets that are stored with another party but displayed on, in or through our website. Cookies may be placed by third parties via this embedded content. Below you will find the processing purposes per party and, if available, the associated privacy policy with more information:

Party: Youtube

Processing purposes: We use YouTube to display embedded videos. With these cookies, YouTube can provide and improve services, keep track of visitor statistics, prevent abuse, show personalized content, show targeted advertisements, measure the performance of advertisements and combine information about your use of different Google services on different devices. Google can use these cookies to built user profiles and you can be followed in various Google services.

More information: https://policies.google.com/privacy

Do you object to cookies?

Do you want to exclude the placing of all types of cookies? You can block cookies in the settings of your browser.