Health Patch Platform

With our health patch platform, we aim to accelerate the commercialization of customized health patches that suit the specific needs of different target customer groups.

The target group can consist of people with medical conditions, such as cardiac, lung or bowel conditions, where the health patch measures and communicates the relevant physiological parameters, in clinical as well as home settings. However, the device can also be used as a preventive measure and can either be disposable or reusable.

The starting point here is the practical, human-centric aspect: instead of having a number of wires and leads attached to a device, limiting a person’s mobility, the health patch is a wireless device that is lightweight, conformal and convenient, and does not interfere with the patient’s day-to-day activities.

The data communication to an external device (e.g. a smartphone app) is realized via Bluetooth. As it is crucial the patch makes good contact with the skin, several aspects need to be ensured, such as flexible, stretchable and breathable material. Major differentiators of our patch platform are the use of dry electrode technology, that enables long-term wear and the waterproofness of the device. Furthermore, the patch read-out is reusable, thereby paving the way for an economical implementation.

With TNO at Holst Centre as your innovation partner, you can count on a strong foundation for the co-development of your customized health patch!