MYSA Relaxation Shirt

Ask any person who works in an office if he or she ever experiences stress in day-to-day life and they will most likely answer in the affirmative. Stress is the root cause for many diseases, the need for preventive, non-invasive measures that minimize stress levels increases. This is where the MYSA relaxation shirt comes in.

Smart Clothing from TNO at Holst Centre: Mysa shirt

With compact vibration motors integrated in the inner garment and placed along the spine, this fashionable item creates a meditative effect by vibrating in a pre-programmed sequence, either from top to bottom or vice versa. Guiding a person’s breathing, the shirt is both a sensor and an actuator, meaning it is interactive in real time.

When monitoring a person’s breathing and sensing stress signals, it triggers the vibration motors in order to start the meditative breathing and reduce stress symptoms. As the garment is in contact with the skin, washability of the material and sufficient encapsulation are crucial. TNO at Holst Centre invites you to co-develop this smart-clothing item with built-in relaxation mechanism and adapt it to your needs and purposes.