Smart Headband

Stress is the root cause for many diseases. The Smart Headband constitutes a preventive measure which proactively minimizes stress levels while taking into account the functional, human aspect.

It features as a fashionable piece of clothing for anyone who wants to spice up their outfit. In addition to the fashion element, the headband contains electrical, infrared LEDs. These LEDs are placed in a specific position and emit infrared radiation that penetrates the skull and interacts with the brain, thereby energizing and activating the brain while reducing the symptoms of stress. The term used to describe the scientific basis for this concept is photobiomodulation.

By developing the Smart Headband for Niraxx, TNO at Holst Centre showcases its capability of integrating electronics in a good-looking device that does not limit a person in carrying out his or her daily activities. As a person wears the headband, the stress levels are minimized in regular, pre-programmed intervals. With its integrated electronics, the headband offers a multitude of possibilities for sensing as well as stimulation. Contact us to find out more!